Part 5 Introduction

In this section, I’m doing something different. In each of the lessons, I’ll ask you to wear the fragrance as you’re taking the actions I instruct you to in each video.

To get the most out of this activity – I suggest you spread this out over the next few days so you don’t put on all of the fragrances on the same day. If you do want to wear your fragrances on the same day, leave at least 4-6 hours between applications, or make sure you shower before you put on a new one.

Now I have to warn you – the next few sections will require a lot of thinking and self-reflection. I get it – these might be things that you haven’t done much in the past – but stick with it.

In some cases, you’ll have to be honorable. In other cases, you’ll have to be courageous and committed to becoming a better man.

Just make sure you remember to put on the fragrance before you take the requested action – doing so will reinforce the fact that you are a man of honor, a man of courage, and a man who’s committed to becoming a better version of himself – one day at a time.

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