Step #4: Repeat


Lesson 4 of 4: Repeat

Let’s recap:

  1. You now know what you want to achieve in the next 30 days (your goal).
  2. You know what three Desired Emotional States you need to achieve your goal.
  3. You’ve assigned one Desired Emotional State to each one of your Performance Enhancing Colognes┬«.
  4. You’ve visualized your first Desired Emotional State (D.E.S).
  5. You’ve applied your first P.E.C. and linked it to your first D.E.S.

If you haven’t completed the previous five steps, please go back and retake the lessons.

Now we’re going to condition your Olfactory System (i.e. your sense of smell) to associate your D.E.S with your P.E.C through repetition.

  • Repeat the previous Step (Anchoring) every day for one month.
  • This helps strengthen the connection between your Olfactory System and D.E.S.

Now, whenever you want to recall your D.E.S. (for example, anytime you want to feel confident):

  1. Apply your chosen P.E.C.
  2. Close your eyes and notice how your body automatically responds to your D.E.S.


  • [wlm_firstname] – if, after applying the P.E.C, you do not feel a strong emotional state, repeat the previous step (Anchoring) to strengthen the linkage.
  • When you’re starting out, we recommend you keep it simple and focus on your first D.E.S. and P.E.C. You can use multiple P.E.Cs in one day but remember to wait 6 hours between each application (unless you shower!).
  • To condition yourself to your two remaining P.E.Cs, click below to complete this lesson and start again at lesson 2.

IMPORTANT: Ensure you show up to our weekly live training sessions. In the first session, we covered this section – you can watch the recording and download the slide deck here.

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