Lesson 3: Anchor


Lesson 3 of 4: Anchor

Let’s recap:

  1. You now know what you want to achieve in the next 30 days (your goal).
  2. You know what three Desired Emotional States you need to achieve your goal.
  3. You’ve assigned one Desired Emotional State to each one of your Performance Enhancing Colognes┬«.
  4. You’ve visualized your first Desired Emotional State (D.E.S).

If you haven’t completed these four steps, please go back and retake the previous lesson.

Now you’re going to discover how to link your first Desired Emotional State to your first Performance Enhancing Cologne┬«, using a technique called Anchoring.

Examples Of Anchoring

  • The smell of suntan lotion reminds you of summer vacations.
  • The smell of coffee makes you feel energized.
  • The smell of a particular perfume reminds you of your first date.
  • The smell of steak makes you feel hungry.

How To Set Yourself A Powerful Anchor

  1. Take the P.E.C. (i.e. ‘Honor’) you’ve assigned to your first D.E.S. (i.e. confidence).
  2. Apply 1 spray to your chest area.
  3. Pause, close your eyes, and focus on your D.E.S.
  4. Allow the sensation (i.e. confidence) to flood your body and lock in the desired emotion.
  5. Repeat 7 seconds later with 1 spray on each wrist.
  6. Pause, close your eyes, and focus on your D.E.S.

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