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[wlm_firstname] – welcome to the Productivity Mastery Academy, where you’ll discover the insights, strategies, tools, and frameworks you need to destroy distraction, skyrocket your productivity, and unlock your full potential.

In this section, you’ll learn how and when to use your Performance Enhancing Colognes┬« using our unique four-step S.T.A.R. system (Select, take Action, Anchor, Repeat).

WARNING: Do not use your Performance Enhancing Colognes® (P.E.Cs.) until you get to lesson four in this section. Doing so could reduce their effectiveness.

Acronyms Used In This Academy

  • P.E.C: Performance Enhancing Cologne┬« – you have three P.E.Cs (Honor, Courage, and Commitment).
  • D.E.S: Desired Emotional State – how you want to feel (i.e. ‘more confident’) after applying your P.E.C. You have three P.E.Cs, so you’ll need to select three D.E.Ss.
  • S.T.A.R. System: The four-step system (Select, Take Action, Anchor, Repeat) we created to help you use your P.E.Cs to achieve peak state.

4 Quick Rules

  1. Only link one Desired Emotional State to one Performance Enhancing Cologne. Linking multiple emotional states to one cologne could reduce its potency (more about this later).
  2. Place your Mission Fragrance Set somewhere visible – such as on your dresser – as a constant daily reminder to honor your commitments and be courageous in the face of adversity.
  3. Don’t use more than one P.E.C. at the same time. You can use multiple P.E.Cs. in a day but wait 6 hours between each application (unless you shower!).
  4. Certain lessons contain Action Tasks – make sure to complete them. Once you complete an Action Task, the information you entered will be emailed to you from – please make sure you whitelist this email address so it doesn’t go into your Junk folder.

Finally – there’s a lot to take in here. We recommend you go through this section at least twice to ensure you understand fully how to use your P.E.Cs.

If you’ve questions once you’ve finished this section, we’re here for you. Click the ‘Support’ link in the top menu and send us a message.

Please answer the question below to proceed to the first lesson in this section.

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