Lesson 4


In this section, we’re going to talk about Scent Triggers and the idea of Scent Conditioning. With that being said, let’s jump straight in.

What is a Scent Trigger?

A Scent Trigger is a specific, unique, and identifiable smell that triggers your brain to invoke a conditioned response. This response could be conjuring up a particular memory or taking a trained action.

You can leverage the power of Scent Triggers to help calm you down after a long day (think Lavender) or wake up in the morning (the smell of freshly ground coffee). They can also be used to instantly bring back an intense memory of someone or something you love.

The reality for most people is that Scent Triggers are accidental, because of repetition and association.

Accidental Scent Triggers

The reality for most people is that their conditioned responses to scents are accidental.

Take my unusual example – when the farmers where I live are spreading manure onto the fields, I like it. Why? Because over the years I’ve smelled it so many times and it reminds me of the area I call home.

Intentional Scent Triggers

You can build Intentional Scent Triggers by leveraging our S.T.A.R. System:

Step #1: SELECT Your Desired Emotional State (D.E.S)

Start by selecting your first Desired Emotional State (D.E.S.) – how you want to feel after applying your chosen Performance Enhancing Cologne® (P.E.C.).

To find your D.E.S, ask yourself:

  • “In the next 30 days, what goal(s) do I want to accomplish?”
  • “What three emotions can help me achieve this goal?”
  • Write these down: these are your three D.E.S.s

Step #2: Take ACTION (Visualize Desired Emotional State)

Now it’s time to take action, using a powerful psychological technique called visualization – creating a mental picture in your mind of the goal you want to achieve.

  • Select your first D.E.S. (for example, ‘confidence’).
  • Find a comfortable place with no distractions.
  • Close your eyes and go back to a moment in your life when you felt that way.

    For example, if your D.E.S. is ‘confidence,’ this can be any memory of feeling naturally confident under any circumstances.
  • Relive the memory in your mind until you begin to experience the emotion you felt in real life (for example, ‘confident’).

Step #3: ANCHOR

Now you’re going to discover how to link your first Desired Emotional State to your first Performance Enhancing Cologne, using a technique called Anchoring.

  • Take the P.E.C. (i.e., ‘Honor’) you’ve assigned to your first D.E.S. (i.e., confidence).
  • Apply 1 spray to your chest area.
  • Pause, close your eyes and focus on your D.E.S.
  • Allow the sensation (i.e. confidence) to flood your body and lock in the desired emotion.
  • Repeat 7 seconds later with 1 spray on each wrist.
  • Pause, close your eyes and focus on your D.E.S.

Step #4: REPEAT

Now we’re going to condition your Olfactory System (i.e. your sense of smell) to associate your D.E.C with your P.E.C, through repetition.

  • Repeat the previous Step (Anchoring) every day for one month.
  • This helps strengthen the connection between your Olfactory System and D.E.C.

Now, whenever you want to recall your D.E.S. (for example, anytime you want to feel confident):

  1. Apply your chosen P.E.C.
  2. Close your eyes and notice how your body automatically responds with your D.E.S.

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