Lesson 3


The Japanese Art Of Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. Now I know what you’re thinking  – what’s the use of fixing a plate that’s been smashed to bits? Let me explain.

In this artform – super strong glue is mixed with precious gold, silver, or platinum to create a rich adhesive that can be used to repair the cracks in the pottery. The purpose of this art form is not to hide the imperfections of the broken pottery – instead, the rich color of the glue is made to look like a part of the design itself.

Gents – stick with me here. This all links in with Mission Fragrance’s second core value – Courage.

Often we try and move on from our mistakes and downfalls. Sometimes we feel that we need to cover them up or pretend they never happened in the first place. Guys, this just isn’t a healthy way to live your lives.

Instead – take inspiration from those who practice Kintsugi. Consider the scars you gain throughout your life as part of your history. You learn from them, you recognize why you got them in the first place, but under no circumstances should you try and cover them up. They are simply signs of a life well-lived and a lesson well learned.

In my opinion – that’s a far better definition of courage. Taking the hit, getting back up, and learning from it to become a better man in the long run.

Action step here, gents. I want to hear your new definition of courage down below or an example of how you’ve been courageous in the last few weeks.

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