Lesson 5


Mistake 1 – Applying Your P.E.C. When You’re In A Bad Mood

At this early stage of your Mission Fragrance journey, you haven’t yet had the time to develop the mental conditioning required to associate your Scent Triggers with a positive action or emotion.

You’re at a very sensitive stage of your conditioning process, where even the smallest unpleasant experience could affect your entire perception of your three Mission Fragrance P.E.Cs.

With this in mind, it’s vital that you gents avoid applying your P.E.C. when you’re in a bad mood – especially within the first month of taking this course.

Why? P.E.Cs can work in both a positive and a negative way. If you go ahead and apply a P.E.C. when you’re having a tough time, you could be at risk of negative conditioning – where your brain associates the scent with something unpleasant instead of something positive.

Thankfully, avoiding negative conditioning is pretty easy.

If you’re feeling bad, just do whatever you can to improve your mood. Go for a run, maybe grab a coffee. You could get some fresh air or treat yourself to something nice.

Do anything to get yourself out of that bad place and make sure you don’t apply any of your P.E.Cs until things are feeling a whole lot better.

Mistake 2 – Not Applying Your P.E.Cs Enough

I hear you, gents – you’ve paid good money for your Mission Fragrance Set. The last thing you guys want to do is burn through those fragrances faster than a speeding bullet.

I get it – but consider this for a second: even if you applied each P.E.C. 5 times a day (in total, 15 times daily – that’s some seriously heavy usage), this set would still last you 4-5 months.

Mistake 3 – Forgetting To Reinforce Your Desired Emotional States

If you apply your P.E.C. but forget to reinforce your Desired Emotional States, you’re not going to leverage your Olfactory System properly.

At this stage, I recommend taking a look at the email summary I sent when you completed Section 1 – it’s critically important you leverage our S.T.A.R. system to help condition yourself to be the man you know yourself to be.

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