Lesson 2


Revisiting The Meaning Of Honor

First up – let’s revisit the first core value of Mission Fragrance – Honor.

To be honest – the meaning of ‘honor’ isn’t one that most people associate with their day-to-day lives. Sure – it’s a nice-sounding word that evokes feelings of pride and positivity, but to many people, it just sounds a bit old-fashioned.

However, it applies to so many areas of our lives without us realizing it. Rewind 1000 years or so and ‘honor’ pretty much meant the same as ‘good’ – if you were going to be a good man then chances are you were going to be an honorable man.

They were the same. In fact, it was the Stoics that said:

An honorable man has wisdom, stands up for justice, is disciplined, and is courageous.

Let’s break those down individually.

  • Wisdom is a love for the truth and the desire to find answers through research and the knowledge of others. In Stoicism, Wisdom is represented by the image of an older man.
  • Justice – and the act of standing up for it – means that a mean seeks honesty through fairness and kindness to others. In Stoicism, Justice is represented by the image of an eagle.
  • Courage is the mastery of your fears. Every man has fears – whether it be not living up to expectations or leaving this world without passing on good memories to your kids. Whatever it might be – courage is all about rising to and taking on those fears. This is represented by an image of a lion.
  • Discipline is the understanding that life should never be lived in extremes. What I mean, gents, is everything should be enjoyed in moderation and a man needs to have the self-discipline to show self-restraint when it comes to what he enjoys. This final value is represented in Stoicism by the image of the bull.

How Can This Be Leveraged Using The ‘Honor’ Scent Trigger?

I’ve been talking about all of this so that I can help you understand what it is to become an honorable man. To be honest – the definition of honor is very broad and means different things to different men.

However – for every man, the idea of being honorable simply comes down to being ‘good’ in your own way.

Action step: I want you to tell me your new definition of the word ‘honor’ or give me an example of how you’ve been honorable in the last few weeks. Let me know down below.

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