Lesson 4


When I was creating the concept behind Mission Fragrance, I decided to name each of the Mission Fragrance Scent Triggers after my three Core Values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

These three Core Values also double as my Desired Emotional States.

  1. When I spray Honor, I want to feel honorable.
  2. When I spray Courage, I want to feel courageous.
  3. When I spray Commitment, I want to feel committed.

Your Three Desired Emotional States

Think back to the three Desired Emotional States you selected. If you need a recap, please check your inbox – I sent these to you when you completed that lesson in Section 1. If you can’t see the email – click here to send me a message and I’ll forward it on to you.

Action Task

What three small actions can you take today to help you achieve your three Desired Emotional States?

For example, if your first Desired Emotional State was ‘confidence‘, what small action can you take today to help you feel more confident?

As you begin the process of mental conditioning, it’s incredibly important to reflect in this way.

By choosing to take action now, you’ll strengthen the process of associating your Scent Triggers with your Desired Emotional States.

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