Lesson 4



I can guarantee you that every man has shown at least some level of commitment during his adult life. In short, commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication that leads to the mastery of self. Its purpose is to promote the highest order of discipline and is the ingredient that instills dedication to our life’s purpose.

I hear you, gents. Not every man wants the commitment of getting married, settling down, and having a few kids. I did it and I think it’s great – but I know it’s not for everyone and each man has to forge his own path. So, don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you need to get down on one knee and ask your girl to marry you tomorrow.

What I am saying is that every man should show commitment in his own way. Something as simple as keeping up to date with your team’s scoreboard is a show of commitment. Making plans with your buddies and seeing them through to the end is a great show of commitment. In short, gents, when I talk about being committed I mean having the integrity to follow through on the plans you make and being able to recognize the importance of committing to them wholeheartedly.

If that comes in the form of a long-term marriage and family plans then so be it. If, however, your commitment comes in the form of consistency in the small things, then as far as I’m concerned that’s just as admirable.

Action Task

When you put on Commitment, what small daily action can you take to become a more committed man? I’ve taken the liberty of providing you guys with some time-stamped examples below. None of these should take any more than a few minutes but most of them should have a significant positive impact on your day-to-day life.

Some examples:

  1. [1 minute] Committing to going to the gym 3 times a week.
  2. [1 minute] Committing to going for a run 3 times a week (no matter what the weather).
  3. [1 minute] Committing to drinking 8 glasses of water daily.
  4. [1 minute] Committing to reading your son or daughter a bedtime story every night.
  5. [1 minute] Committing to spending 15 minutes eating with your family before heading to work.
  6. [1 minute] Committing to asking your partner how their day has been (every single day).
  7. [1 minute] Committing to one random act of kindness on a daily basis.
  8. [1 minute] Committing to cooking a meal for your family 3 times a week (instead of your wife!)
  9. [1 minute] Committing to donating a small amount to charity every month – money you would have spent on frivolous things.
  10. [1 minute] Committing to reading 1 book or listening to one audiobook every week.
  11. [1 minute] Committing to calling your mom and dad once a week.
  12. [1 minute] Committing to vacuuming your room once a week.
  13. [1 minute] Committing to speak to that friend you haven’t spoken to in months.
  14. [1 minute] Committing to going for a walk 2 times a week.
  15. [1 minute] Committing to switching off your cell phone 1 hour before bed.
  16. [1 minute] Committing to watching 1 documentary a week on a subject you’re not usually interested in.
  17. [1 minute] Committing to spending 10 minutes on self-reflection after every day.
  18. [1 minute] Committing to journaling every night.
  19. [1 minute] Committing to sitting down for lunch and not eating on the go.
  20. [1 minute] Committing to 30 minutes of yoga a week.
  21. [1 minute] Commit to eating healthier food – create a quick diet plan.
  22. [1 minute] Commit to buying organic ingredients at your local farmer’s market.
  23. [1 minute] Commit to taking your wife on a date at least once a month.
  24. [1 minute] Commit to your work when you’re at work – instead of browsing social media and/or chatting with coworkers.
  25. [1 minute] Commit to visiting your parents twice a week (twice a month if they live further away).
  26. [1 minute] Commit to decluttering things that you don’t need and giving them away to church/charity.
  27. [1 minute] Commit to tracking your expenses and being more financially responsible.
  28. [1 minute] Commit to telling your wife you love her at least once a day.
  29. [1 minute] Commit to keep your promises to your children (even if you gave those promises just so they would stop bothering you)
  30. [1 minute] Commit to look out after your mental and physical health.
  31. [1 minute] Commit to positive change – recognize when a situation needs improving and be open to making the necessary adjustments in your life.
  32. [1 minute] Commit to planning your day – set aside 10 minute each morning to meditate and consider the decisions you need to make that day
  33. [1 minute] Commit to your future – plan ahead and understand the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and ambitions 
  34. [1 minute] Commit to your beliefs and stick by your religion or life philosophy – ensure you are living your life in accordance with your core values and beliefs. 
  35. [1 minute] Commit to becoming better in everything you do. Never settle with what you have – always push for more and break through any barriers blocking your way.
  36. [1 minute] Commit to doing the housework. It’s not just your wife’s job to keep the house tidy – work with her to maintain a home that you can be proud of. Yes… that means occasionally doing the dishes!
  37. [1 minute] Commit to teaching your kids. You have skills and knowledge that they won’t learn at school – identify what lessons you can pass on to them and take the time to educate them. 
  38. [1 minute] Commit to less. Understand when things are getting a bit too much and identify what you can do to relieve your stress and lighten your load. 
  39. [1 minute] Commit to making your bed in the morning – make this decision first thing and you’ll feel more productive and ready for the day.
  40. [1 minute] Commit to building a legacy. If you passed away tomorrow – what would you leave behind? Think about how you can improve upon your legacy and take action steps towards building a secure future for your loved ones.

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