Lesson 3



A man’s courage comes from the mental, moral and physical strength ingrained within him through hard work and the practice of mastering your fear. Its core aim should be to do what is right, to adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct, and to lead by example – sometimes having to make tough decisions under stress and pressure.

When guys think of courage, it’s easy to imagine running out into the battlefield to save their buddies or single-handedly taking out an enemy position. Don’t get me wrong, gents – these things happen – but quite frankly, it’s unlikely to happen to you as you go about your day-to-day life.

As I’ve already mentioned, not all acts of courage need to be huge and audacious to be defined as brave. Sticking to a plan when you know things could go bad for you – that’s brave. Facing your fear of heights and climbing a ladder to fix a gutter pipe – that’s also brave. With this in mind, let’s consider the small, daily actions you could take to become more courageous.

Getting down to the basics – courage could be something as simple as saying “no” to an event you don’t want to attend. Let’s be clear – you won’t win any medals for this, but the principle is the same. You’ve overcome a fear that was holding you back and that, gentlemen, is what I call a courageous success.

Here are some examples of ways to be courageous in daily life.

  1. [30 seconds] Your friend offends you or does something that causes you distress. Talk to them, forgive them and move on.
  2. [30 seconds] Asking that girl you like out on a date.
  3. [30 seconds] Trying food that you’ve never tried before.
  4. [30 seconds] You’re late for a Zoom meeting. Apologize to your colleagues who you kept waiting.
  5. [30 seconds] You get back late without telling your wife where you were. Offer a quick apology.
  6. [2 minutes] Your friend hurts your feelings. Be honest with them and tell them how you feel.
  7. [2 minutes] You’re invited to a party but don’t really want to go. Politely decline.
  8. [2 minutes] Ask for a promotion or a raise at work.
  9. [2 minutes] Stand up for yourself.
  10. [2 minutes] You overhear someone being rude to a checkout assistant. Politely explain to that person why their behavior is out of line.
  11. [2 minutes] You’re in a queue and someone cuts in. Politely explain that you, and everyone else, have been waiting in the queue and they need to go to the back.
  12. [2 minutes] You have a few too many drinks and fear you may have offended one of your friends or colleagues. Ask them and if necessary, apologize.
  13. [5 minutes] Your colleague’s poor work ethic is letting the team down. Tell them they need to improve.
  14. [5 minutes] Sign up for the gym for the first time and attend at least 3 times a week.
  15. [5 minutes] Volunteer at a soup kitchen or other voluntary program.
  16. [5 minutes] Get yourself on a dating app and create a winning profile!
  17. [5 minutes] Quit the job that’s getting you down and try to find a new one.
  18. [10 minutes] Book a vacation on your own for the first time.
  19. [10 minutes] Speak confidently in public for the first time.
  20. [10 minutes] Book in that doctor’s checkup you’ve been putting off for years.
  21. [30 seconds] Decline the person that’s flirting with you if you’re taken. Even if they’re attractive.
  22. [30 seconds] If you’ve been telling white lies to your family, fess up.
  23. [30 seconds] Admit to yourself you may be struggling and seek the advice of someone more knowledgeable than yourself.
  24. [30 seconds] Admit to your kids when you’ve got something wrong. Respect is a two way deal – let them know that you’re not perfect and you get it wrong sometimes.
  25. [30 seconds] When you realize you’re taking the path of least resistance, stop it and do what’s right.
  26. [30 seconds] If you see your friend cheating on his partner, talk to them and let them know that it’s not OK.
  27. [2 minutes] If you see a person being attacked, help them out.
  28. [2 minutes] Do one thing that puts you out of your comfort zone, every single day. 
  29. [2 minutes] Thinking about taking that next big step in your relationship? Stop thinking and just do it – you could make her the happiest woman on the planet. 
  30. [2 minutes] Tell your wife why you’re not happy with her. Don’t bottle it up – talk about your problems and find a solution together. 
  31. [2 minutes] If your friend or partner is taking advantage of you, then put an end to it and cut that person out of your life if necessary.
  32. [2 minutes] Admit when you might have a problem and try to solve it. The first step to finding a solution is admitting something needs fixing and asking for help.
  33. [5 minutes] Contact that teacher you never got on with at school – let them know that you appreciate what they taught you and want to thank them for never giving up on you.
  34. [5 minutes] Take the plunge and make that big investment you’ve been thinking about for years. Buy those stocks you read about or invest in that great property down your street.
  35. [10 minutes]  Face a fear head on. Scared of heights? Climb a ladder. Nervous around dogs? Volunteer at the pound. 
  36. [10 minutes] Explore different types of lifestyle and give it a shot.
  37. [10 minutes] Start that hobby that you’ve always wanted to.
  38. [1 hour] Research your family history – find out what your ancestors did with their lives and uncover the story of your heritage. 
  39. [1 hour] Learn to do what you think you can’t. Think you’re a bad dancer? Take ballroom dancing lessons. No good at woodwork? Enroll on a carpentry course. 
  40. [1 hour] Do something wild for charity. Shave your head, dye your beard, run a marathon in a chicken suit. Do something that not only raises money, but brings laughter to those who sponsor and support you.

Action Task

When you wear Courage, I want you to consider what small action you could take that’s going to require courage to achieve. How will you wear this fragrance and live up to its name?

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