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Gents, we’re kicking off Section 3 with one heck of an interesting story – and yes, this is all true!

The US Army’s Stink Bomb

During the Second World War, the US Office of Strategic Services came up with a plan to create a weapon so evil that it caused the enemy to flee at the mere thought of being exposed to it. 

I know what you’re thinking – mustard gas, right? Nope.

What I’m talking about today is a military-grade stink bomb known as “Who, Me?” that was intended to repulse the German forces so much that it would force them into submission.

This “evil-smelling substance” was intended for use by the French Resistance – basically to get the Germans out of Nazi-occupied France simply by exposing them to a foul-smelling substance.

Unbelievable, right? Military records theorize that even the thought of being subjected to something that smelled like the “revolting odor of a very loose bowel movement” would trigger an unpleasant neurological response in the enemy and strike genuine fear into the German’s hearts – causing them to flee at even the thought of it.

Now you might be asking yourself why this was never deployed. Surely such a powerful weapon that doesn’t actually hurt anybody should be one of our top priorities when it comes to weapons development? 

I agree, but unfortunately the “Who, Me?” stinkbomb had one big drawback –  the mixture was so volatile that it was impossible to “bomb” the target without contaminating everything in the area – stink bomber included.

So why am I telling you all this? You completed History 101 way back during your school years. Gents – stay with me for a second here, it’s all relevant I promise. Let’s read on.

Scent Conditioning

A Scent Trigger (like the 3 fragrances included in your Mission Fragrance collection) is a specific, unique, and identifiable smell that triggers your brain to invoke a conditioned response. This response can be nearly anything – from conjuring up a particular memory or action to something far more negative (as in the example above – fleeing France as quickly as humanly possible!)

“Who, me?” is one example of a negative Scent Trigger.

Here at Mission Fragrance, it’s important we don’t dwell on the negative. So let’s move on to the more positive applications of the Science of Scents.

You can leverage the power of Scent Triggers to achieve a range of different emotions and feelings. The scent of fresh lavender can calm you down after a long day while the smell of freshly ground coffee is a great way to wake your brain up in the morning. Similarly, they can also be used to instantly bring back an intense memory of someone or something you love.

While the process of scent conditioning can take months to fully develop, there’s no one-size-fits-all figure. As I’m sure you gents know- some habits are easier to form than others, and some people may find it easier to develop new behaviors.

However, keep in mind that there is a sure-fire way to speed up this process. If you go ahead and use the same fragrance multiple times in a few hours or switch up by moving to a different fragrance after one has run its course – for example, Honor, Courage then Commitment – your brain will get more positive exposure to these scents and they will start to become deeply associated with the emotions and values you are trying to train. 




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