Lesson 1


How do you want to be remembered when you’re gone?

Picture this – you walk into a dark room filled with people…

You know some of them – a colleague, an old friend, your cousin you once played football with. There are lots of familiar faces in this room – relationships both past and present.

All of a sudden you turn and you see a casket.

It’s your funeral.

I know this might be hard, but I want you to take a couple of minutes and think: “If today was my funeral, what would people say about me?”

Will they talk about your favorite movie? Your favorite song? How much you could bench press?¬†Unless you based your personality on those things – it’s highly unlikely!

Chances are they’ll talk about how you made them feel, the nice things you’ve done, the things you’ve done to keep your relationships healthy – “soft skills” as we know them. They’ll talk about how much you loved your friends and family… why?

Your actions as a husband, father, and friend showed them that you loved them.

Action Task

Take a step back, look at your life and write down what you would like people to say about you.

What will your parents, wife (or girlfriend), kids, and your loved ones have to say once you’re gone?

If you know the virtues and the values that you’d like to be remembered by, it will be that much easier for you to live that¬†life so that people remember you how you want to be remembered.

Gents, I get it. This may be an emotional subject and you may not want to do it – but I encourage you to take a few minutes and send your eulogy to me. It will help you tremendously with the steps we take going forward.

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