Lesson 5


In this final lesson for section 6, we’ll be applying everything we’ve discovered about fragrances to the Mission Fragrances Set. 

As with many fragrances in today’s market, we’ve carefully formulated Honor, Courage, and Commitment with a series of notes, strengths, and purposes. 

Different fragrances within the set will be more ‘widely wearable’ than others, depending on the time, weather, mood, and the occasion you find yourself in. 

The best part about having a 3 fragrance set? You’ve got a fragrance for every occasion! 


The first of our three fragrances, Honor, is formulated as a fresh and clean fragrance. Technically speaking, it’s what we would classify as a ‘Fougere’ fragrance – meaning that it contains fresh, aromatic, and oriental aromas. 

I’d be comfortable using this fragrance every day. It isn’t constrained by occasion or formality; it’s a good all-rounder that a man can wear without fear of smelling out of place.

In my opinion, Honor is a great morning fragrance to wear as you arrive at work. It’s light and breezy and doesn’t make itself immediately known. However, when someone gets close enough, they’re greeted with a well-balanced mixture of citrus, floral and woody notes reminiscent of a springtime morning. 

Similar to: Coach For Men, Versace Dylan Blue 


Courage isn’t as light as Honor but isn’t as deep as Commitment – it sits somewhere between the two. This makes it an excellent fragrance for the 9-5 worker as its lifespan should get you through most of your working day. 

The bold mix of light top notes and deeper base notes provide this fragrance with the power to be noticed without seeming too intense—the perfect companion for sitting in the office. 

Courage is what we would classify as a ‘citrus aromatic’ fragrance – meaning that it contains lighter citrus notes alongside floral and green notes. While courage is still quite a light fragrance, there is an air of depth within its floral heart notes that give it a bit more of a kick when compared to Honor. 

Similar to: Aspen by Cody, Creed Green Irish Tweed 



Looking for a fragrance that the ladies will love on a date night? Look no further than commitment – an ‘Amber Woody’ fragrance that oozes sophistication and mystery.

I’ll be honest; you need to be careful with this fragrance. Is it going to suit the everyday office environment? Probably not. 

However, will this fragrance make you smell incredible on a date or formal occasion? Absolutely! We formulated Commitment with formality in mind – great for a winter wedding, dinner party, or big date.  Notes like Vanilla, Tonka, and Oud give this fragrance a luxurious scent that’s sure to impress in the right environment. 

Similar to: Amber Absolute by Tom Ford, Herd by Perfum De Marly

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